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  1. having characteristics of a vowel sound<<専用です>>#107 カンタキルト 刺繍パッチワーク ホワイト系ビカクシダ Pedro エルサセット胞子 ラスト
    "the vowellike nature of `r'"

Difference between I and Me

30 Jul 2021
We all know how confused we get when it come to talking in English. Here is an article trying to simplify the I and Me in English language so that you use it correctly while talking. Topping D90 / A90 / KOJO セット (値下げ中!)
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05 Aug 2021
There are many rules to follow in grammar. Read these basic rules to understand the basics of it and slowly develop and improve the language. Read more »
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14 Sep 2021
Learning a new language can be difficult. But with constant practice and learning it can be easy. Starting to talk in the language you are trying to learn needs a lot of courage and support. Learn these phrases and words and use them in your everyday… Read more »
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Bengali to English Dictionary: vowellike

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What does vowellike means in English, vowellike meaning in English, vowellike definition, explanation, pronunciations and examples of vowellike in English.

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